Let's talk about your content creation ideas, challenges & goals. 

Our strategy sessions unlock the power, personality and perspective of your content creation style. You'll learn how to create content & share your talent in the most authentic, achievable and consistent ways.

Great content starts with a strategy.

If you think that all of the content creators you watch and adore create their content on a whim, you're wrong. From videos to pictures, blog posts to articles and more, the content that you consume was carefully planned, scheduled and arranged. It is curated content. Great content creators are especially organized and careful about when and what they create and share. In fact, they're strategic about it. You should be, too. 

We make creating a strategy  simple (and fun!)

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Step 1.

Book your virtual session

Use our calendar to pick the best date & time for your session. After you've reserved your session, we'll send you preliminary questions to think about in preparation for our session. We encourage you to bring your own questions, too!

Step 2.

We'll meet you online.

Pajamas and sweats are acceptable in our online space! You'll meet us in our designated chatroom, where we'll conduct your strategy session and get you "out the door" in about 75-minutes. 

Step 3.

Check out your cheat sheet!

In about 48-hours after your session, you'll receive a custom strategy cheatsheet that includes highlights from your session, extra resources for you to checkout, action items for you to accomplish and ideas to explore. It even includes a milestone list to use for accountability in reaching your goals!   

Our strategy service

We offer a comprehensive strategy service that's straight-to- the-point, but jam-packed with information, resources and most importantly, actionable steps you can take to move your brand in the right direction.

Each 75-minute virtual session addresses your ideas, challenges and goals in a way that only Content Commanders can. Your session will empower & inspire you to start creating content with power, personality & perspective and most importantly--a plan!

Our sessions also include a custom-built strategy cheatsheet (a mind-map, of sorts!) to help guide your strategic thinking after your session. All you'll have to do is stick with the plan!

It's time to create with a plan!

Book your 75-minute session and kickstart your content.


How much do strategy sessions cost?

Each 75-minute strategy session costs $225. To reserve your session (including the time & date you'll choose from our calendar), you must pay the session fee at the time of booking. We accept credit & debt cards for online payments. 

What happens after I book my session?

You'll receive an email confirmation, which includes a link to where your online session will be conducted and a calendar reminder for your session. You'll also receive a list of prep questions to help facilitate your session. You are encouraged to generate your own list of questions, too.

What happens if I'm late or need to reschedule?

We allow a five-minute grace period for your session. After the grace period and if you haven't notified us that you're running more than 5-minutes late, we will close the online session and cancel your meeting. Refunds are not issued for canceled meetings due to tardiness or rescheduling within 24 hours of your session. You are allowed ONE rescheduled session with your fee, but you must notify us 24 hours in advance for this option. Rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice is considered a cancellation and your session fee will not be refunded.

Can I invite a guest to my strategy session?

You may invite ONE guest to your strategy session. However, your guest must ask questions and/or participate on behalf of YOUR brand. They may not ask questions unrelated to the brand that booked the session. Your session will still be limited to 75-minutes regardless of the additional guest.

What happens if I need more time during my session?

We know you're probably bursting with questions and ideas. And when those creative juices start flowing, it's hard to hold back. Each session includes 5-minutes of buffer time. So if you're on time for your meeting, you actually receive an 80-minute session. For anything over 80-minutes (even just a wee bit), you'll need to book another session.

Can I access my session after it's over?

We record each strategy session. When you receive your cheatsheet, you'll receive a link to view the recorded session.

Do I need to book this session if I want to use your Storytelling service?

We require a strategy session to complete your storytelling services. However, when you order your storytelling services, the strategy fee is included. You will not need to pay this fee separately. You'll receive detailed instructions on creating an appointment for your strategy session AFTER you order your storytelling service.