Our process

When you engage Content Commanders for your content strategy + storytelling goals, our team of content enthusiasts will eagerly start our proven process of building (or rebuilding) your content strategy to ensure that it’s more focused, goal-aligned, on-brand and persuasive. 

In the end, your brand will be properly equipped to create and share content that speaks directly to your audience and establishes them as brand addicts. Each part of our four-step process is included in every project that we deliver to you.

Our four-step process includes:





Content Investigation

Content Strategy

Content Storytelling

Content Placement

We’ll audit your existing content (digital, print and social) to learn about your previous direction and determine  the new direction of your content. Then we’ll study your brand style to determine if anything needs to be readjusted.

This is where the nuts and bolts of your content are uncovered and mapped out. We’ll use our 5W+H process to perform a well-thought and well-planned strategic analysis that’s delivered to you for your future use across all of your marketing, communications, operations and even sales needs.

We’ll re-narrate key elements of your story so that your message is clear and precise no matter how many times you tell it or who you tell it to.

We’ll show you where to place key elements of your story across your digital, print & social platforms so that it gets the best visibility and converts your audiences in the most meaningful ways.

Storytelling is not a trend. It’s a timeless necessity.

Telling incredible stories, whether on paper or a computer screen, in front of a lens or behind a microphone, is essential for brands to execute their vision, serve their audience and conquer their goals. From idea to strategy and execution, we accept the important skills and tasks that are required to tell great stories that persuade the masses. Whether your target audience is buttoned-up executives or philanthropists or social media followers or loyal customers, we know that every message matters.  How you package and present yourself to your audience determines the overall success of your brand.