What is the Content Commanders Creative Lab & Learning Studio?

The Content Commanders Creative Lab & Learning Studio is a membership-based space that provides access to equipment, resources, guidance, and technology to learn about, create and monetize your content.

We offer private and group lessons (in-person and online) on various media and digital entrepreneurship topics in addition to opening our space for private studio time. Members can pre-schedule their studio sessions to create various multimedia projects from start to finish as well as collaborate with other businesses & artists during “open studio” time.

Use the comfortable and accessible studio space and virtual learning programs to tell your story the way you want to.




The Commander Learning Studio is an in-person and virtual learning space where businesses and artists can learn the power of great content. As a member of the studio, you can participate in classes (live and self-paced via our online school) led by industry professionals in areas such as entrepreneurship, media, entertainment, communications, and more.

The Commander Creative Lab is our downtown Elizabeth City, NC space where our members can book sessions to create their multimedia content projects. From podcasts to photoshoots and documentaries to digital media, members can access our equipment, software, props and other tools to develop content that represents their ideas and their brands.

Whether you’re inside of the studio accessing our tools and technology or in the comfort of your own home developing your content, our team can assist you with turning it into a polished and monetized product.  Content Commanders can serve as your marketing & strategy team to create a smart and successful plan to turn your content into something that creates a revenue stream for your brand.

What can you do in the lab & learning space?

Record your podcast

Film & edit your YouTube video

Take photos

Record videos

Write content & messaging

Use our microphones and recording equipment to produce your podcast episodes. 

Use our backdrops, props, lighting, and cameras to create a small set to film your YouTube videos. We’ll remember your set design and set up everything so that all you have to do is bring your personal belongings and record your video. 

Upgrade your selfies. Take pictures of your products. Use our DSLR cameras and photography equipment to host and manage your own photo shoot. 

Start your own talk show. Make announcements and promo videos. You can use our cameras, teleprompters, lighting equipment and backdrops to create short videos to promote your brand and your work. 

Sometimes you just need a fresh place to work. Bring your laptop, grab some of our writing resources and pen your way to your book, script or other writing project.

Tools you can use in our lab & learning space

Equipment & Tech

Bonus features

  • DSLR Cameras
  • Teleprompters
  • Flat-screen TV’s
  • Studio lights (LED video lighting, ring light & light stands)
  • Director chairs
  • Green screen & photo backdrops
  • Camera stabilizers
  • Podcast microphone
  • Printer & scanner
  • Workstations
  • Tripods
  • Wi-fi
  • Props & furniture
  • Quiet location with waterfront access & views
  • On-site team to answer questions & troubleshoot glitches
  • Photography & videography equipment setup prior to your session
  • Make requests for additional tech & tools for your content development needs

Become a member

Membership Options

We offer monthly membership options which allow you to access the studio, equipment, and online learning programs. Both of our membership options include access to our Commander Community, a members-only digital community where you can:

  • network & collaborate with various businesses, brands, and artists
  • privately post & share your content projects for feedback, fresh ideas, and encouragement before you publicly share them
  • post ideas, casting calls, gigs, and other opportunities to find the right talent for your project
  • download digital resources such as workbooks, ebooks, and templates to help you develop and manage great content

You may choose a membership tier that offers you the most access and flexibility for your content creation needs. You may cancel or upgrade your membership at any time.


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Are you a local business that needs a full-service content team?

If your organization needs a team to create multimedia content that reflects your brand and its goals, we can provide on-site (in your business location) and in-studio (in our location) content storytelling & strategy services. From promo videos and photos to social media content, blog posts, ebooks, documentaries and digital content, we will make sure your business’s story is told in the best way to connect with your audience and grow and monetize your brand. We’re able to travel up to 50 miles of our location (locations outside of this radius incur additional charges) for any on-site content creation projects.