Creating your own content just got easier.

If you're looking for a "maker-space" that provides access to content creation tools in a cozy environment, look no further than our studio.

We've got the perfect space for you to create your content.

The Content Commanders Creative Lab & Learning Studio is a space that provides access to equipment, resources, guidance, and technology to learn about, create and monetize your content. Content creators can book a studio session (2-hours) for $65 per session.

We also offer private and group lessons (in-person and online) on various media and digital entrepreneurship topics in addition to opening our space for personal studio time. 

It's more than four walls.

Creatives can pre-schedule their studio sessions to create multiple multimedia projects from start to finish, and collaborate with other businesses & artists during "open studio" time. Use the comfortable and accessible studio space and virtual learning programs to tell create content that builds your brand.


The Commander Learning Studio is an in-person and virtual learning space where businesses and artists can learn the power of great content. As a studio member, you can participate in classes (live and self-paced via our online school) led by industry professionals in areas such as entrepreneurship, media, entertainment, communications, and more.


The Commander Lab is our downtown Elizabeth City, NC space where our members can book sessions to create their multimedia. From podcasts to photoshoots and documentaries to digital media, members can access our equipment, software, props, and other tools to develop content that represents their ideas and brands.


Whether you're inside the studio accessing our tools and technology or in the comfort of your own home developing your content, our team can assist you with turning it into a polished and monetized product.  Content Commanders can serve as your marketing & strategy team to create an innovative and successful plan to turn your content into something that makes a revenue stream for your brand.

Ready to create some content?

view the calendar and book your session.

Here's some content you can create in our studio.

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Record your podcast

Use our microphones and recording equipment to produce your podcast episodes.

Film & edit your YouTube video

Use our backdrops, props, lighting, and cameras to create a small set to film your YouTube videos. We'll remember your set design and set up everything so that all you have to do is bring your personal belongings and record your video.

Take photos

Upgrade your selfies. Take pictures of your products. Use our DSLR cameras and photography equipment to host and manage your photoshoot.

Record videos

Start your own talk show. Make announcements and promo videos. Utilize our cameras, teleprompters, lighting equipment, and backdrops are perfect tools to create short videos to promote your brand and your work.

Write content & messaging

Sometimes, you just need a new place to work. Bring your laptop, grab some of our writing resources and pen your way to your book, script, or other writing projects.

Tools you can use in our lab & learning space

  • DSLR Cameras

  • Teleprompters

  • Flat-screen TV's

  • Studio lights (LED video lighting, ring light & light stands)

  • Director chairs

  • Green screen & photo backdrops

  • Camera stabilizers

  • Podcast microphone

  • Printer & scanner

  • Workstations

  • Tripods

  • Wi-fi

Bonus features included with your session:

Clean & safe environment
On-site team to answer questions & troubleshoot glitches

Photography & videography equipment setup before your session

Props & furniture

Make requests for additional tech & tools for your content development needs


What are the hours of operation?

Since we require our content creators to book sessions, our hours of operation are by appointment only. We are available 7 days a week, providing you have booked an appointment at least 48 hours in advance.

How long do studio sessions last?

Your session lasts for up to two hours. You can use the entire session in any manner you choose (a combination of photos, filming, podcasting & writing or just one thing). 

What are “open studio” hours?

We offer open studio hours, which means that members can use the studio in a collaborative manner. Instead of private sessions, there may be multiple content creators in the studio at one time doing various multimedia projects. This is a great way to network, collaborate on projects and get new inspiration.

What should I do if I need extra time to complete my studio session?

If you think you might exceed your two-hour studio session, you’ll need to check with our Studio Commander (our on-site team member) to see if there are any scheduling conflicts. If not, you can add up to an additional 30 minutes of studio time at no additional cost (after 30 minutes, you will need to pay a cash fee of $20 for every additional 20 minutes of time). If there is a scheduling conflict, you will need to end your session on time and book another studio session for a later date/time.

Can I take equipment & supplies outside of the studio?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow our equipment, furnishings, props or supplies to leave our space. This also means that you won’t be able to use our equipment, furnishings, props or supplies in the areas immediately outside of the space including the sidewalks, streets, adjoining properties, etc.

Can I rent the equipment from the lab & studio?

Unfortunately, we can not offer our equipment for rent. You can, however, rent specific props and furnishings for a fee. Please ask our Studio Commander about the fees for specific props & furnishings.

Can I bring my own props & personal equipment for my content creation?

Sure! If you have your own cameras, lights, props and small furnishings, you can bring it to the studio to personalize your “set” for photos and videos. Please let us know ahead of time if you are planning to bring your own props & equipment so that we can accommodate your requests and provide you with the required paperwork (legal releases & insurances). 

Can I rearrange the furniture and equipment in the studio?

Sure! One of the benefits of our space is that we offer a “modular” studio design. We don’t mind rearranging our equipment and furnishings to accommodate your content creation ideas. For your safety, please allow our Studio Commander to rearrange equipment & furnishings. We require advance notice if you would like to set up the studio with a specific layout for your content creation preferences.

Can I bring food & beverages to the studio?

Food and beverages (besides bottled water and light-colored beverages) are not permitted in the space. Please be sure to keep all beverages away from our equipment and power sources. 

Are pets allowed in the studio?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow pets of any kind in the studio. 

Can I bring guests to the studio?

You may bring one additional guest to the studio with you. Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to bring someone.

Can I rent the studio for private sessions (classes, meetings, etc.?)

In some cases, we can offer our space for small private sessions. Please inquire about these opportunities. 

What are the rules for using the studio?

Prior to booking your session, please read these rules.