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Join us for a virtual course filled with easy-to-implement content ideas and plans to help you start commanding your content.

What you'll get

If you're ready to gain insight on ideas, implementation strategies, inspiration and valuable guidance on creating, managing and monetizing your content, then this quick course is for you. Whether you're a content marketing novice or you just need some inspiration, this course will give you tips, tricks and even opportunities to kickstart your content and start knocking out some platform, monetization and collaboration goals. 


When you register for Kickstart your Content, you'll also get access to the recorded session for review after the course. 


You'll receive a digital workbook to use along with the course instruction to maximize your knowledge and, of course, help you kickstart your content.


You'll be able to ask questions and get customized answers, ideas & feedback to help you make sense of the sometimes chaotic content creation world.


You'll learn about our exciting contest that inspires you to create content and win up to $150 in cash prizes!



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Meet your course instructor 

Shannon Baylor-Henderson CEO Content Commanders



Founder, content commanders

Hi! I'm Shannon. 

A part of what makes this course so good (in my professional opinion) is that I'll teach you that commanding your content isn't complicated. It's more about a plan, some goals and a lot of creativity.

It's not about how much you invest in equipment (lighting, cameras, software). You really can start making money with a phone, ring light, Google Workspace, and Adobe Creative Suite.

It's not about a huge amount of followers. Conversion matters most.

It's about the idea, the plan and the implementation.

I'm bringing a ton of power, personality & perspective to this course. So let's have some fun!

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