Unlock experiential marketing

It's time to get from behind the computer. Put away the spreadsheets. Close the slideshows. Your audience is craving in-your-face experiences that tap into their senses and immerse them in your brand.

What's so special about experiential marketing? 

Experiential marketing is the best way to get your audience to create multi-sensory content for your brand. Your audience can engage with and support more of your brands products, services and talent if they have the opportunity to interact with it in person. Experiential marketing can include events & shows, special deliveries, demonstrations, and anything that removes barriers to directly experiencing your brand. 

If your brand offers:

  • scented items, your audience should have a chance to smell them.
  • food or beverages, your audience should have a chance to taste them.
  • music or audio, your audience should have a chance to hear it.
  • textiles, fabrics or tangible items, your audience should have a chance to feel them.
  • aesthetically appealing work, your audience should have a chance to see it.

And they should be able to do all of this before they even purchase your product or service.

It's more than event planning. It's event marketing.

We love the idea of beautiful decor, seating arrangements and an exquisite menu.

These are staples in great events. Although experiential marketing works in conjunction with event planning, it surpasses it and explores ways to showcase brands and add valuable experiences to customers. Experiential marketing is tied to a brand's strategic initiatives and specific engagement goals. It's bigger than the event, itself. You can also target your experiential marketing towards your internal brand efforts.

Here's why your brand should explore experiential marketing:


You have a campaign

You want to stand up a very specific campaign with measurable outcomes including registration/membership, data collection, monetization, brand recognition/awareness, and brand collaborations. 

You want live engagement

You're launching a product or service and you want attention, feedback, testimonials, actual images/footage of people using your product or service and a chance to connect with potential investors, stakeholders, the press and exclusive customers.

You want to strengthen your internal team

You want to develop your team through hands-on activities and events. You want them to fall in love with the company they work for, become more passionately involved in their work, think outside of the box and collaborate with their team members more enthusiastically.

Let us do the heavy lifting. We enjoy it.

When you engage us to work on a specific experiential. marketing project, you'll receive our unparalleled skills in strategy, content & asset development, tech integrations, publicity, and content placement. You'll plan the length of the engagement based on when you’d like to launch your project (engagements shouldn’t be longer than four months). Our team will work behind the scenes to plan and launch your project to assist you with achieving your measurable results. We'll also collaborate with your event planner to create a cohesive experience.

Each experiential project receives the following

  • Experience planning & management (creating the moments, activities & opportunities for your guests to experience your brand)
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Full-service content team to develop stories, social media content, videos, sponsorship decks, event presentations, etc.
  • External brand management (registration, customer support, exclusive ticketing support, etc.
  • Experiential marketing landing & sub-page development (into an existing site)
  • Tech integration & plug-ins into your existing site to create a campaign-based workflow

First, questions. Then, experiences.

Experiential marketing is a big task, but it's so rewarding. We'd enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the big moments you want to market and help plan your next experience.