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The Commander Community is an online space for content creators and content curators. Our membership-based online community gives you access to classes, gigs, resources, artists, brands, businesses and everything you need to create income by sharing your story. 

Learn & Create

Take classes & access resources to help you create stronger multimedia content based on your stories, talent & experiences.

Share & Network

Connect with other content creators & curators to find/post gigs, get feedback on your projects and create opportunities.

Monetize & Grow

Get guidance on how to shape your content into sellable products & services to create income for your growing brand.

join our community

Surround yourself with storytellers, content creators & budding brands.


During the whole month of July, you can access and use the Commander Community for FREE.

That's right. We're waiving the $50 monthly membership fee for the entire month of July. 

You'll be able to access all of the features & perks of our Commander Community for 30-days risk free.

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Who is the Commander Community for?

People who have stories to tell

Your experiences and talents deserve to be shared. More importantly, those experiences & talents can help you build a brand that generates support, interest and money.

People who want to earn extra money online

You can turn your stories and experiences into products and services that can be sold online. You create income from social media, your website, podcast and other digital platforms.

Artists, brands and solopreneurs

You can share gigs & opportunities, hire talent, get feedback on your content projects and network with likeminded groups to build relationships that help to grow your brand.

People who are looking for content inspiration

Access resources, learn new skills, connect with other content creators to get guidance and encouragement on your content project. Learn and grow with a group of supportive people.

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